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Please enjoy a short video of kids prepping for their first Alphabet Marathon 26 Letter Run:

Soccer (football) News

soccer map

International Womens Day 3-8-23 :
Young refugees are finding their way
in America through soccer

Afghanistan girls soccer team given asylum in Portugal

 ‘Put the Alphabet into Action through Sport’

… kids  practice linking soccer words to their body muscles!
Instructions: Print out and staple into booklet format.
Exercise each letter along with its soccer related sentence.

For print out version please click downloadable PDF

10-13-14 Alphabet FitnessSoccer_Cover_Page_01

 For print out version please click downloadable PDF

To expand SOCCER IQ for all we recommend:
Do You Speak Football?
The Words and Phrases Used to Describe Football Around the World
by Tom Williams
The Ball is Round: A Global History of Soccer
by David Goldblatt, Riverhead Books, New York

SOCCER (football) NEWS/ Venezuela-Peru

10-1-19 image to post on AF Soccer NEW IMAGE

Football is ‘refuge for those who have left everything’; UN initiative aims to bolster well-being of refugee, migrant children in Peru


9-23-19 EDITS to AF soccer section

China’s football-loving President Xi Jinpingsays he wants his country to qualify for, to host and to win the football World Cup by 2050.Chinese entrepreneurs have spent vast sums investing in local and foreign clubs, partly to help create a passion for playing football in the Chinese and to bring the latest training techniques back home. Celia Hatton visits a special primary school in Gansu, in China’s far west, which is setting out to turn those World Cup dreams into reality. Made up of children whose parents have migrated to the cities for work, the school drills the young pupils in football skills each day, to give them direction and purpose, but also in the hope that some of them will use football as route out of poverty and to garner Chinese success on the pitch.
BBC Radio4


The Karen Women’s National Team

Strength in ourselves + inspiration for others. We are excited to announce the formation of the Karen Women’s National Soccer Team, an all-refugee football (soccer) team representing the Karen people around the world. Currently the team will be based in the United States with the players being refugees from Burma and Thailand. This team will be a significant step for women, showcasing and legitimizing them as professional athletes. The driving force of this team will be the equality of women, giving hope to all in the community and pushing them to set their sights high.

The Karen Football Association is a member of the Confederation of Independent Football Associations (CONIFA). Through this organization we will be playing tournaments with other countries and football associations.