Kids love our Alphabet Marathon® Fun-Run Training Routines!
  • Alphabet Fitness WorkOut Warmups
  • Alphabet Fitness Sprints A-Z
  • Alphabet Fitness Zig-Zag Runs (Indoor Gym)
  • Alphabet Fitness 26-Letter Mini-Marathons
  • Alphabet Fitness Word Relays (Active Team Spelling Bees)
  • Alphabet Fitness Running Bees (Speed Spelling)
  • Alphabet Fitness Family Letter Runsfinal AF SPRINT PRACTICE W POEM- Malaika DRC_JPEG
  • Alphabet Fitness Texting Runs/Text Racing
  • Triathlons (Read, Write & Run!)
  • Alphabet Olympics
  • Zip Code Relay races!©
  • Fun for All Body Types and Sizes!

Please enjoy a short video of kids prepping for their first Alphabet Marathon 26 Letter Run:

 ‘Put the Alphabet into Action through Sport’

… kids  practice linking soccer words to their body muscles!
Instructions: Print out and staple into booklet format.
Exercise each letter along with its soccer related sentence.

7-22-19 NEW Cover & Miss Spelllet - A to Z with letter signs cover
For print out version please click downloadable PDF

10-13-14 Alphabet FitnessSoccer_Cover_Page_01

 For print out version please click downloadable PDF

Pres challenge logo President’s Challenge

Up to 2016 Wellness, Inc. was a proud advocate of the Presidents Challenge Program.  Alphabet Fitness activities are an excellent way for teachers and children to team up for fitness and literacy.

Click here for a sample Alphabet Fitness Activity Log Sheet