Our Founder & Company

Our Founder

Karen-VoghtKaren Voght is the founder of Wellness, Inc.  and the author of: The Kids Wellness Guide: How Well They Feel, How Well They Learn (click here to view) and The Alphabet Fitness Guide.  Wellness, Inc., a Boston, MA company,  focuses on translating key scientific research findings into constructive innovations for the prevention of childhood obesity, illiteracy and other stress related childhood disorders.
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Wellness, Inc.  –  Our Parent Company

Wellness, Inc. designs curricula and games that promote movement linked learning. Its educational-fitness programs are ‘evolutionary tools’ that help children adapt and be confident within their changing environments. Children develop a heightened level of learning readiness, kindness, impulse modulation, and cooperation — basic preparations for future school years and for life.  All Wellness programs synthesize the following fields of research:
  • Childhood play theory
  • Relaxation techniques
  • Bio-mimicry
  • Positive mental imagery
  • Cross-hemispheric brain-body activity
  • Mirror neurons
  • Sport visualization skills

Wellness, Inc. programs align with Wellness Policy Mandates; State & National Frameworks for Language Arts; Physical Fitness & Early Childhood Education; English Language Proficiency; UN Article 31 Rights of the Child.