Alphabet Fitness Activities

Our indoor and outdoor activities are great fun for children and caregivers alike. While we provide a variety of structured and unstructured ideas here, we encourage you to use your imagination and be creative with our fonts!

Preschoolers Practice Everyday Playful Muscle Awareness to compliment Keyboard fine-motor Typing and brain-body misinformation

Click here for examples of Everyday Muscle Awareness Activities

For English Language Learning Fun

Haiti - chimps

Children of different languages, including dual-language learners, learn to share their ABCs and word building fun as they write with their bodies as letters. This team learning approach quickly has kids sharing English, while also getting a flavor of their other team member’s language sounds and words. Exercising with their playmates, classmates, family, and teachers greatly expands the learning and  fun (a physically active social networking tool — kids even get the non-verbal chimps to network!).


Exercising letter learning and word building with their bodies is perfect for children with special needs. They are itching to move to get rid of some of their body’s built up tension and physically play with their classmates and friends.KidsAFschool

Teacher-Student-Family Team Fitness Bees!

  • Alphabet Fitness Fun Bees for children of all ages
  • The First Teacher-Student-Family Team Fitness Bees!
  • ELL/ESL and Dual-language learners Team Bees
  • WordWall Bees
  • Refrigerator Bees (exercise your daily menu)
  • Chimp Shakespeare Bees
  • Texting Bees
  • Dancing Bees (Spelling will never be the same!)

Practice Pint-Sized Alphabet Fitness Bees:

Have teams spell out simple names, animals, sports and theme related words or sight words. This way they get their bodies fit for spelling! Even include Alphabet Sprints and Word Relays for the older children.

These are great activities to integrate children of various levels of motor skills and communication abilities.

Indoor & Outdoor Track / Gym / Playground Events:

Try out our Alphabet Marathon® Fun-Run Training Routines!abc

  • Indoor & Outdoor Track / Gym / Playground Events
  • Alphabet Fitness WorkOut Warmups
  • Alphabet Fitness Sprints A-Z
  • Alphabet Fitness Zig-Zag Runs (Indoor Gym)
  • Alphabet Fitness 26-Letter Mini-Marathons
  • Alphabet Fitness Word Relays (Active Team Spelling Bees)
  • Alphabet Fitness Running Bees (Speed Spelling)
  • Alphabet Fitness Family Letter Runs
  • Alphabet Fitness Texting Runs
  • Triathlons (Read, Write & Run!)
  • Alphabet Olympics
  • Fun for All Sized Bodies!

Alphabetyke Song


Wellness, Inc. has been proud to have been the sole Pre-K -1 program to participate in early President’s Challenge Programs.  Alphabet Fitness activities are an excellent way to prep teachers and children to team up for fitness and literacy.

Click below for a sample Alphabet Fitness Activity Log Sheet

Alphabet Fitness Activity Log Sheet

Educators’ Feedback:

“The passing rate on the President’s Challenge test is usually brought down by the lack of flexibility children exhibit.Many years of working with The Presidential Physical Fitness test made me realize there has to be something out there to help children with flexibility.  I honestly feel your program just might be it. I have seen kids stretching more when they did not realize they were doing it …..having fun!  I have heard conversations as well. I feel that Alphabet Fitness is going to be a key in my test results in the coming year. My goals also address other types of learning.  These include value, thinking skills, social skills, performance skills, and behavioral goals that I wish the students would develop. I love that your program is a way to reach all those goals.” 
Anne Lineberry, PE teacher, Bradley Creek Elementary in Wilmington, NC.  
“Children learn best by doing, and simply through play.  Alphabet Fitness recognizes, encourages, and nurtures this philosophy. Combining both fine and gross motor skills in learning can represent “success” for many children, rather than frustration or fear, by serving all types of students.  Its letter buddies and words promote social skills, cooperation, sharing, teamwork and even trust.  It is a ‘mutual interdependence’ as children need each other to make it work. 
Barbara Sanga/ Toddler Teacher Roslindale, MA