A Darwinian approach to ‘survival of the most fit alphabet’!

ALPHABET DNA:  is a novel and playful approach that uses all 26 letters of the alphabet, from A-Z, to instill early Alphabet Wellness into young brains and bodies. – Chimp Darwin

To build wellness through the 26 letters we offer added insight into  the benefits of more anatomically represented alphabet letter fonts for early physical and cognitive engagement. Professionals in language, health, education, artificial Intelligence, science and genetics fields are all welcome to partake in this  dynamic adventure with letters.

Once you gather experience with this site’s generic Alphabet Fitness Guide’s Training Protocol and Workouts, we look forward to your responses and questions as to advanced implementations for the more specific populations you service. It is our intent to portray how  different professions partake in letter awareness, and the importance for us all to expand the 26 letters as a fundamental tool for enhancing the engagement, behaviors, creative imagination, and well-being of the children with which you interact, teach, care for, and  enrich.

“Today’s brain is a consequence, not a precursor of symbolic language. Language can change our response systems faster than evolution changes our genes.”
Terrance Deacon: Author of The Symbolic Species

Ironically, alphabets, by their very nature, are exclusionary. 
Alphabet Fitness’ more ergonomically-oriented body letters make the alphabet’s DNA more inclusionary.

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