About us

Alphabet Fitness is changing the face of Alphabet Education and developing Body-lingual™ Kids

Alphabet Fitness Community Fun Run

Alphabet Fitness is a unique, highly effective alphabet literacy and fitness program, designed by Wellness, Inc. for children and their teachers. Built on the proven realization that healthy bodies promote healthy minds, Alphabet Fitness establishes early language skills through fun physical activities and team learning.

Very few pay attention to the fact that the letter shapes of the alphabet are learned in mostly fine-motor sedentary, inactive positions; require fine motor and audio-visual focus; and are not designed for young, kinesthetic learners (more than 85% of today’s young children).

Consequently, practicing the alphabet as it is currently taught literally begins to change a child’s body — how it learns, grows and connects with the brain. Today’s sedentary and distracting environments:

  • Restrict those children who love to play and move to learn.
  • Do not promote optimal cross-lateral, left-right, and whole brain-body learning behaviors.
  • Make it more difficult for children to release energy and stress, contributing to hyper arousal, which can in turn result in health and learning difficulties.
  • Alter a child’s natural breathing and circulatory patterns.
  • Change a child’s O2-CO2 ratios.
  • Foster sedentary habits, isolated learning, and poor confidence and lack of cooperation.
  • Relies on premature development of the child’s fine motor, audio-visual skills.
  • Foster ocular lock (tunnel vision) and loss of sensori-motor integration skills.

Our Unique Approach

By subtly changing the shapes of the 26 letters of the alphabet for early learners, AF activities help eliminatC chimp colored letters w sign ppte the negative affects of alphabet learning, and in doing so greatly enhance children’s physical abilities to be well and learn well. It’s kinesthetic alphabet body letters, designed just for kids, are effective across all areas of early childhood education, including:

  • Diverse learners, ELL populations & Special Needs and Head Start – Body Start
  • FCC / Child Care
  • Early Elementary & Differentiated Classrooms
  • Family Communications
  • Teacher Health
  • Professional Development Opportunities
  • Meeting 2010 State Licensing Regulations for 60 Minutes of Daily Physical Activity, as well as English Language & Arts Proficiency and Wellness Mandates.

Incorporating the 26 letters of the alphabet into a child’s daily physical routine applies sport performance skills to learning and health.

Educators’ Feedback:

“The passing rate on the President’s Challenge test is usually brought down by the lack of flexibility children exhibit.Many years of working with The Presidential Physical Fitness test made me realize there has to be something out there to help children with flexibility.  I honestly feel your program just might be it. I have seen kids stretching more when they did not realize they were doing it …..having fun!  I have heard conversations as well. I feel that Alphabet Fitness is going to be a key in my test results in the coming year. My goals also address other types of learning.  These include value, thinking skills, social skills, performance skills, and behavioral goals that I wish the students would develop. I love that your program is a way to reach all those goals.” 
                    –Anne Lineberry, PE teacher, Bradley                                    Creek Elementary in Wilmington, NC.  
“Children learn best by doing, and simply through play.  Alphabet Fitness recognizes, encourages, and nurtures this philosophy. Combining both fine and gross motor skills in learning can represent “success” for many children, rather than frustration or fear, by serving all types of students.  Its letter buddies and words promote social skills, cooperation, sharing, teamwork and even trust.  It is a ‘mutual interdependence’ as children need each other to make it work. 
      –Barbara Sanga/ Toddler Teacher,  Roslindale, MA