Since chimps can’t speak our ABCs and 123s they designed playful chimp letters and numbers for humans.

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What a riot. I love it!

Sy Montgomery, Author, Soul of the Octopus

The Chimps are politically neutral.

Use the Chimpanese font to help you VOTE!

Prof. Tetsuro Matsuzawa, Primatologist, Caltech – Visiting Research Fellow


(Free for non-commercial use  only)


To learn to exercise the CHIMPANESE ALPHABET download their Free Alphabet Booklet:  NOW YOU DO IT!

Use the Chimp Font to type so they too can learn
to spell and tell stories.

1. Print out the Chimp Eye chart.
2. EXERCISE the 26 Chimp ABCs with your whole body each day for one to two weeks.
3. Now you’re ready to read the Chimp Eye Chart!

Chimp Eye Chart

*For Eye Chart, print as size 8” X 14”

For Preschool-K children, we recommend: Chimp Shakespeare’s Play Alphabet Font, CHIMPANESE®

FOR NON-COMMERCIAL USE ONLY without written approval by Wellness, Inc.

  1. Piloting has shown that young children love animals and the mystery of the non-verbal chimps teaching them their ABCs.
  2. The chimp font appears gender neutral and promotes inclusion
  3. Chimps have gross motor movements similar to this age group of young children.
  4. Moving in and out of letters along with playful chimps helps children relax and become more expressive, creative self thinkers; and imaginative storytellers.

Teachers benefit through:

  1. Increased creative opportunities and fun while teaching alphabet skills
  2. Increased ability to attract the attention of students of different levels of motor and language abilities
  3. Greater fitness as they physically exercise this playful alphabet along with their students.

A     Chimpanese [Converted]a

B       Chimpanese [Converted] B

CChimpanese [Converted]C

DChimpanese [Converted]D

E  Chimpanese [Converted] E

F  Chimpanese [Converted] F

Chimpanese [Converted]G         

HChimpanese [Converted] H       

I        Chimpanese [Converted] I

Chimpanese [Converted] J                             

K    Chimpanese [Converted] K

L   Chimpanese [Converted] L                       

MChimpanese [Converted] M             

Nchimp N smiling               

OChimpanese [Converted]O

P   Chimpanese [Converted] P                       

QChimpanese [Converted]Q

Chimpanese [Converted] R                          

SChimpanese [Converted] S              

TChimpanese [Converted] T           

UChimpanese [Converted]U

VChimpanese [Converted] V        

WChimpanese [Converted] W           

XChimpanese [Converted]X  

YChimpanese [Converted]Y



Tim Uttech, artist


They conclude: “Our work suggests that compositional structures may not have evolved de novo in the human lineage, but that the cognitive building-blocks facilitating syntax may have been present in our last common ancestor with chimpanzees.”