Just as learning sign language, or a second language, expands children’s minds, Alphabet Fitness develops more body-lingual™, physically and mentally connected kids!



  • Alphabet inclusion for diverse learners, including dual-language.
  • ELL/ESL, Dual-language learning fun; special ed team language learning activities for physically handicapped, and visually and hearing challenged.
  • Narrowing of the achievement gap.
  • Increased body-mind awareness and fluidity.
  • Stress reduction and prevention skills.
  • Enhanced respiration and circulation.
  • More optimal O2-CO2 ratios and Serotonin output.
  • Word-wellness skills.
  • Team learning; cooperation, self-regulation and enhanced communication skills.
  • Sensori-motor integration — balance and coordination.
  • Enhanced creativity and proprioceptive capacities.
  • A cutting-edge, fun, accessible, hands-on and affordable approach to alphabet literacy.
  • Teacher-child team learning and fitness opportunities (PT & yoga related language tools).
  • Teacher-child-family enhanced health and communication tools.
  • Ability to use the most ubiquitous tools in your everyday environments — the ABC’s — for the overall well-being of diverse learners in today’s differentiated classrooms.
  • Opportunity to bond / communicate with students through body matching language activities.
  • The convenience of Professional Development / CEU Training CDs.
  • Meeting licensing regulations for physical activities, language arts and Wellness Mandates.
Our Fun Fitness Fonts (
  • Get kids body fit for learning.
  • Represent more ergonomically appropriate tools for young learners.
  • Reduce stress for focused learning.
  • Promote easy letter recognition and word building through physical replications.
  • Retain and enforce a child’s vital cross-lateral, whole body-brain learning capacities.
  • Represent the Latin letters, accessible to 2/3 of the world.
  • Use kinesthetic language tools for creative literacy and word wellness.
  • Basic Fitness Font Guidelines for Users
  • Yoga ABC’s & Alphabet WorkOuts.
  • Word Wall bees & Alphabet Fun Runs.
  • Prep for future SCRIPPS champions.
  • Do-it-yourself event kits.

Educators’ Feedback:

“The passing rate on the President’s Challenge test is usually brought down by the lack of flexibility children exhibit.Many years of working with The Presidential Physical Fitness test made me realize there has to be something out there to help children with flexibility.  I honestly feel your program just might be it. I have seen kids stretching more when they did not realize they were doing it …..having fun!  I have heard conversations as well. I feel that Alphabet Fitness is going to be a key in my test results in the coming year. My goals also address other types of learning.  These include value, thinking skills, social skills, performance skills, and behavioral goals that I wish the students would develop. I love that your program is a way to reach all those goals.” 
Anne Lineberry, PE teacher, Bradley Creek Elementary in Wilmington, NC.  
“Children learn best by doing, and simply through play.  Alphabet Fitness recognizes, encourages, and nurtures this philosophy. Combining both fine and gross motor skills in learning can represent “success” for many children, rather than frustration or fear, by serving all types of students.  Its letter buddies and words promote social skills, cooperation, sharing, teamwork and even trust.  It is a ‘mutual interdependence’ as children need each other to make it work. 
Barbara Sanga/ Toddler Teacher Roslindale, MA