• The Alphabet Fitness Guide: 10 Alphabet WorkOut Activities for Kids
  • AlphabetYoga CD: Playful Letter & Number Postures for Kids
  • Chimp Shakespeare’s Alphabet Yoga CD:Training for Early Childhood Educators (10 PDPs)
  • Alphabet Fitness 101 CD Training (1 CEU)
  • Choice of play language fitness fonts and reinforcement games
  • EEC / Regional office training offerings
  • MassAEYC CEU offerings


  • Alphabet Fitness products
  • Choice of play language fitness fonts
  • The Alphabet Fitness Guide
  • The Kids’ Wellness Guide: How Well They Feel; How Well They Learn
  • WIC Resources (Women, Infants & Children:

Note: Alphabet Fitness resources are suitable for parents of children of all levels of motor skills.


Great opportunity to use library projectors / screens for Alphabet Fitness training CDs and games for kids.


An additional valuable resource is to start  Alphabet Fitness Events between children in other towns / cities, and to use your local community running tracks!

Note: All educators and parents interested in the role movement plays in early language development may want to look into the research of Dr. William Condon. “The most subtle micro-movements of a listener are precisely synchronized with the syllables and even sub-syllables of the speaker. The listener is, in a sense, part of and one with the speaker.”

Dr. Condon’s work is a major contribution to all interested in learning how each child’s bodily movements uniquely link to their language environments beginning in utero and continuing throughout their life.

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