Alphabet Fitness is Changing the Face of Alphabet Education and Developing Body-lingual™ Kids

Alphabet Fitness is a program developed by Wellness, Inc. that uniquely incorporates peak performance techniques practiced by athletes into the learning of the ABCs. Its  playful and anatomically designed fitness fonts enable children in literate societies to develop early physical, cognitive, and emotional wellness skills.  We focus on translating key scientific research findings into constructive innovations for the prevention of childhood obesity, illiteracy and other stress related childhood disorders.

Our unique and highly engaging alphabet learning and fitness program uses anatomically-linked ABCs and Alphabet WorkOuts™ to foster the healthy growth of kids’ minds and bodies.  Kids innately love this eye-hands-feet approach to alphabet literacy that lets them physically share their letters, and the words they build, with their friends and classmates.  Alphabet Fitness also offers global children the benefits of learning early English alphabet communication skill through play.

OUR MISSION is to reformulate the teaching of the ABCs into a health and fitness tool for young children growing up in today’s increasingly sedentary, fast paced, technology-focused world.
Benefits include:language-linked fitness; alphabet agility; brain-body coordination; stress intervention; cooperation and team play; improved circulation and O2-CO2 ratios; English Alphabet knowledge and communication skills.

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